Tell them you are a clean water voter. Urge them to watch the videos and tell them you will only support them moving forward if they support the Clean Water agenda. Not sure who represents you? Use this link to determine what district you are in and who your rep is. 

GOVERNOR’S OFFICE: Governor-elect Ron DeSantis


US Senators for the State of Florida

United States Senators representing the state of Florida.
Senator Rick Scott (R)Email: help@rickscott.senate.gov Senate Office: 202-224-5274@scottforflorida@ScottforFlorida
Senator Marco Rubio (R)Email Contact FormDC: 202-224-3041@SenatorMarcoRubio@SenRubioPress


“I am writing to tell you that I am a Clean Water voter. What does that mean?

I believe in the natural slow flow of water to the sea. I want to restore Lake Okeechobee to a shallow wetland.I will not stand for contaminated water from industrial mining and toxic waste dumping. I am fed up with water districts throughout the state as they pass the issue downstream with an “It’s not our problem” attitude. My vote depends on your actions.

Florida’s plumbing is broken. You need to protect Florida first, not the interests of developers and agricultural and industrial contaminators. We need to stop dumping runoff into our rivers.

Rather than casting blame or pointing fingers, we are simply counting on you to fix this problem or we will hold you accountable in 2020. You can only count on my vote IF you agree to embrace and fight for the Clean Water agenda.Please watch! https://youtu.be/kyfPiXABS7Q. If you want my vote in 2020, give us a River of Grass south of Lake Okeechobee and make a public commitment to Help Florida Heal.”


Share the videos with your social networks. The best thing you can do to Help Florida Heal is get the word out. Help us turn all 12,000,000 Florida voters into clean water voters. 

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