Red Tide and Harmful Algae Blooms in the News: 2018

A comprehensive chronological round up of red tide and harmful algae blooms as reported on by major news outlets in 2018.

Dead fish, birds, manatees, even a whale shark. Toll from worst red tide in decade grows. // Miami Herald // 07/31/2018

As bouts with killer algae rose, Florida gutted its water quality monitoring network // Miami Herald // 08/06/2018 

Are the toxic algae blooms along Florida’s coasts making people sick? // USA Today // 08/07/2018

Red Tide Is Devastating Florida’s Sea Life. Are Humans to Blame? // National Geographic // 08/08/2018

What is red tide? Why is it killing fish? And can it make humans sick? // Miami Herald // 08/08/2018

Why is red tide so bad in 2018? // FOX4 News // 08/10/2018 

 Florida declares a state of emergency as red tide kills animals and disrupts tourism // Washington Post // 08/14/2018

 Researchers may be on brink of solving deadly red tides // CBS News // 08/16/2018

More manatees have died in Florida so far this year than in all of 2017. Here’s why. // Miami Herald // 08/21/2018

Florida’s red tide has produced 2,000 tons of dead marine life and cost businesses more than $8 million // CNN // 08/22/2018

Scientists Battle Red Tide That Turned Florida Coast Into Wildlife Killing Field // NPR // 08/23/2018

A New ‘Brown Tide’ Could Make Florida’s Dangerous Red Tide Worse // Live Science // 08/28/2018

Is a super bloom on the way? Scientists worry a ‘brown tide’ will merge with red tide // Miami Herald // 08/28/2018

Red tide may be ‘natural,’ but scientists believe coastal pollution is making it worse // Miami Herald // 08/30/2018

Mounting dolphin deaths in Florida’s red tide zone trigger federal investigation // Miami Herald // 08/31/2018

A Red Tide on Florida’s Gulf Coast Has Been a Huge Hit to Tourism // New York Times // 09/07/2018

Another reason Florida’s Red Tide is so bad this year: Pollution from the Mississippi River // Tampa Bay Times // 09/20/2018

Red tide confirmed off Palm Beach in rare outbreak for Florida’s east coast // Miami Herald // 10/01/2018

Here are 10 things you need to know about red tide // Miami Herald // 10/02/2018

Florida confirms toxic red tide spreading along Atlantic coast // Miami Herald // 10/03/2018

Florida’s coming King Tides may carry something different onshore — red tide // Miami Herald // 10/04/2018

Red Tide Plagues Florida Beaches on All Sides of State // US News & World Report // 10/04/2018

Why Florida’s red tide is killing fish, manatees, and turtles // Vox // 10/08/2018

Why won’t red tide go away? After Hurricane Michael, toxic algae has again spread // Miami Herald // 11/06/2018

Four months later, red tide is still in our waters. Experts can’t say when it will end // Miami Herald // 12/07/2018

Red tide happens around the globe. No one has found a ‘magic bullet’ to kill it. // Miami Herald // 12/13/2018

Top Stories of 2018: Red Tide in Panama City Beach captures attention // Panama City News Herald // 12/27/2018

Report: 16 dolphin deaths linked to red tide off Florida // Boston.Com // 12/29/2018

*This list is a working document. If you know of an article we missed, please let us know!

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