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Help Florida Heal is a nonpartisan group of Florida citizens demanding that our politicians take action to help Florida heal from the red tide and green algae poisoning our state and provide resources to further knowledge and actions available.

The political system has failed and Lake Okeechobee is dying. 

Runoff has killed all of the sea grass south of the St Lucie to Miami, and is killing the Caloosahatche, Charlotte Harbour and feeding red tide. This isn’t about the next event, this is about new regulations for south florida water management. We want accountability for clean water, we want effective EPA standards for the canals to prevent degradation of water quality. 

The only solution is a bottom up wave of all 12,000,000 voters demanding our leaders support a clean water agenda. If we fail Florida, our water, our sea life, our way of life – they all die.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

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"HB 7103 opens the door to unplanned, unchecked growth, ties citizens’ hands to the wills of reckless developers, and leads to increases in pollution fueling harmful algal blooms in our waters."

This is a bad bill that needs to be vetoed.


At the start of FL legislative session, our Editorial Board focused readers' attention on four key issues: #environment, #education, medicalmarijuana and home rule. Here's how lawmakers performed, in our opinion, on these critical issues." (Not great).


"In his first press briefing, Tom Frazer, an aquatic ecologist and director of the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the U. of Florida, said he plans on convening a new blue green algae task force in early June." #takeaction #bluegreenalgae https://t.co/VgOjxmoalv

"While Florida’s government is primed to spend more money with Mote Marine to find solutions to red tide, politicians on the local and state levels seem to be in agreement their best path is to focus on water quality." #havetostartsomewhere #localgovernment


Florida has experienced two straight months of red tide. Hundreds of thousands of animals killed. Turtles, manatees, porpoises, and a whale shark, all dead from the red and green algae poisoning the water.  Become a clean water voter.  Demand that your candidate support clean water settings.


So what can be done? Lower Lake Okeechobee to 9ft. The lake then will become a wetland, grasses will grow and she will begin to heal. The lake will be capable of handling big rain events. Stop spraying Roundup on the lake! Tell your candidate you’re a clean water voter.

The River of grass

We need your help to spread the word. It’s easy to feel outmanned by corporations and special interests. PLEASE share the video and ask your friends to do the same. WE HAVE A PLAN. We need a river of grass to run south to the Everglades, cleaning the water of the nutrients feeding the red tide and algae blooms poisoning our state.



We have a bold new plan and it means WORKING TOGETHER to create change, to make our voices heard. PLEASE share the video and ask your friends to do the same. The elections are over, Florida’s voters have a new Senator, Governor, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Can they reverse the course of history and return our River of Grass to the Everglades

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